Snövit creates sensually driven installations, videos, sound, photography and performance that examines the deepest of human emotions, compassion, healing, intimacy, sexuality, rituals and relations beyond the given structures. Her work  can be seen as an act of resistance against prejudice towards “otherness" and stereotypical ways in how the world has been presented or even programmed into our consciousness through visual media. Snövit creates large scale projects, long durational performances and participatory installations where she addresses, appropriates and subverts the notions of existential questions, human value, bodily politics, gender and identity based rights. By inserting them into a new order, interlacing, reframing and blowing up situations in contrast to, or in conflict with social restrictions -she aims to shed light over the hidden, forgotten, untold and folded. To give ground for new versions of truths and ways of experience life as a human being. 

Snövit holds a MFA from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and has also been a student at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm, Valand Academy of Arts, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, Konstfack, Beckmans and Forsbergs.


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“ I am tired of the current world structure and is interested in thinking beyond the anthropocene and creating work that functions as a space for mental, emotional and physical expansion”

Snövit Hedstierna (Swedish/Mestizo) creates research driven, sensually themed, video, soundscape, photography and sculpture projects as well as durational performances and participatory installations which challenge culturally hegemonic notions relating to existential questions such as; human value, subconsciousness, otherness, embodiment, spirituality, bodily autonomy, gender identity and power structures. They focus specifically on how they manifest outside of, and in opposition to, current social structures and thus representing a more diverse experience of life as a human being or future .

The artists' own experience of identifying as queer and growing up as a visible minority in Northern Europe, being at once privileged and somewhat of a pariah, sets the stage for their oeuvre, positing their intersectional feminist interpretation of visual culture as an act of resistance against stereotypical ways of meaning-making and prejudice. Mining their extensive professional background in the media industry, they appropriate mass media slickness, among other techniques, to arouse audience engagement and evoke the deepest of human emotions such as compassion, memory, trauma, healing, intimacy, sexuality, meditative states, rituals and relations. Besides drawing on their own life for inspiration, they also conduct interviews with members of other marginalized groups which, through narrating their private memories, provide the viewer a humane and sensitive window into hidden, forgotten and untold histories. More recently, Snövit builds upon their previous work their previous work dealing with the phenomenon of “othering”, and moves towards imagining possible futures shaped, but no longer inhabited by, humanity.

Snövit hold an MFA from Concordia University in Montréal, Canada and has also been a student at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm, Valand Academy of Arts in Gothenburg, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and Konstfack. Her work has been exhibited at several international art scenes, galleries and museums such as Manifesta11, Manifesta12 Collateral,  PPP at Documenta14, Satellite Art fair, PPP at the Venice Biennale, Dilettante gallery LA, Skövde Konsthall, Norrtälje Konsthall, We-Are-Institute amongst other prestigious places. Snövit lives and works between her studios in Stockholm, Berlin and Montréal.