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Seduction is the opium of the masses

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Santiago Tamayo Soler

Santiago Tamayo Soler

Seduction is the opium of the masses

Seduction is the opium of the masses is a performance for ten people exploring the dark underbelly of the contemporary collective unconscious where a life made meaningless by lack of agency leads people to engage in activities that make them feel alive—pleasure seeking and self destruction. Over two hours, the performers (each with a scripted character and movement patterns) travel throughout the space, engaging in various activities and with each other. Dancing, masturbating, doing yoga, and taking selfies, they seek meaning within the rigid roles assigned to them. Hypnotic techno music offers a deliberate nod to club culture—one of the places in the world where pleasure and destruction are both encouraged.

2018 Performance
2 h x 2 group performance
25 min x 1 solo performance

Participating performers:
Snövit Snow Hedstierna
Santiago Tamayo Soler
Guillaum Richard Gauthier
Ero Glaros
Dennis Pachernegg